This mastermind breakfast is geared toward one thing: helping your power partners and industry associates excel through brainstorming and finding solutions to some of their current challenges. Enjoy a curated networking table comprised of 4-6 power professionals. We are doing the work for you so that you can enjoy the most efficient use of your time. Select a seat at one of our customized tables and once you register, you lock out other competitors (at your table). This new, exciting and incredibly valuable opportunity is just the latest of events designed by Elephant Networking:

*Select the table you want (1st come, 1st serve)*

*Choose from a variety of niches or select our diversity option (great for those who like to network with everyone!)

*Show up on time (or early) and engage in some informal networking. Be seated by 7:45 so that orders can be taken.

*Begin, nurture or cultivate relationships with others who are the best at what they do.*

*Arrive prepared to discuss your current challenge(s) is. Allow the table to brainstorm, tap into their experiences and provide you with invaluable advice/solutions. Then be prepared to do the same for others*

$29 in advance/no walk-ins. Members, complimentary (use your code when registering).

***Attendee Roster emailed to you within 24 hours of event. Ticket opportunities end on 11/1 at 10am***

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