ConnectBig_Cover2Over two years ago, we fell in love with the exploding world of podcasting. So much so, that we incorporate it as a benefit of membership to Elephant Networking. It is surprising that many people still don’t know what a podcast is, but that only reinforces the fact there is a lot of growth potential.

Rather than go into why I believe so strongly that everyone should podcast or at the very least LISTEN to them, here is a step by step true account of how a L.I. realtor gained a client’s loyalty and trust before ever even meeting her. There are other bonuses too but here are the meat and potatoes…

• About a year ago, let’s call it June of 2016: Valerie of Elephant Networking (me) meets The Handsome Homebuyer (Charles Weinraub) and invites him to be a guest on the “Connect Big” podcast.
• July, 2017 – Charles is a killer guest and he falls in love with podcasting too! So much so, that the Handsome Home Buyer

Podcast is born (yay!) and Valerie is an instant avid listener.
• 9/23/16: Beth Lowe of Exit Realty is the 2nd guest of Charles’s brand new podcast. Valerie listens to it while walking the track and is blown away by her story of overcoming obstacles, her incredible grit and perseverance and her unique social media successes.
• Fast forward to last week 8/8/17 when I receive a phone call from a very nice woman who was referred to me. I was happy to guide her and provide her with an ideal contact for her and then we just kind of naturally evolved into a conversation about networking. The topic was how some people are completely averse to networking with others in their field. I never understood this perspective, as one of my favorite things to do is collaborate and talk shop with other people in my field. I used real estate as an example. I have literally had realtors tell me that they don’t want to be in a room with other realtors. Beth Lowe is the opposite. I mentioned her because she has built a referral network around the country on social media with other realtors. Because I listened to her podcast, I was able to compliment her and her ability to capture 7-8 deals from out of state realtors, last year alone. The woman I spoke with asked me for her number because her mother is looking to sell her house in Jersey and then buy something here on LI, together.
• I had no idea her mother and her had any real estate needs. I was simply speaking highly of someone who impressed me through The Handsome Homebuyer’s podcast.
• 8/11/17 I get a call from Beth Lowe herself! The woman called and they’re going to work together. Whoa! Yay!!! Woop Woop!!!!

The takeaways:
• Podcasting is an amazing way to connect with people. They will get a feel for your personality and character.
• A lot of people want speaking engagements. Podcasting is a virtual way of having a speaking engagement that lives eternally in the virtual world. For more reasons and benefits about podcasting, you can click the link below called “Why Podcast”.
• Listen to others’ podcasts. Give them feedback, likes and shares. You will learn a lot and you never know when something will click.
• Speak highly of others. I had no idea this conversation would convert to a referral. I was simply giving credit to Beth for her creativity and the fact that she is a hustler and I love hustlers.
• Surround yourself with great people (like Charles Weinraub) because they too will surround themselves with awesome people like Beth, who won my respect before I ever even met her.

To listen to my first podcast where I discuss my networking principles (which have not changed) as a guest on “Your Money Show” by Brett Goldstein, click here:

To listen to The Handsome Home Buyer on our “Connect Big” podcast, click here:

To listen to the amazing podcast featuring Beth Lowe, click here:

If you’re a member of Elephant Networking and have yet to book your podcast, email and let’s get you going!

To find out more about The Handsome Home Buyer, what he does and how to reach him, visit his website:

To connect with Beth Lowe, you can like her Facebook page:

Or give her a call at 516.316.8335.

To find out more about podcasting, check out our podcast titled “Why Podcast?”:

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